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According to the legislation in force, the municipalities has the obligation to control the urban pests within its municipality to ensure public health. Dipsalut, in collaboration with the Mancomunitat Intermunicipal Voluntària Servei de Control de Mosquits de la Badia de Roses i el Baix Ter, gives them support in this task by offering programs such as Surveillance, Monitoring and Control of the Tiger mosquito. In the case of this pest in particular, there is also involvement of the other agencies because the insect may be transmitter of diseases.

The year 2010, under the direction of the Department of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia, promotes the creation of "inter-institutional Committee for the prevention and control of the tiger mosquito in Catalonia" that brings together all those institutions and control services that they are acting against the tiger mosquito in different points of the territory, with the aim of participating jointly in the elaboration of a strategy to level of Catalonia that set some fields of action common to the different existing initiatives.

The April 2011 becomes public the result of the work of the commission in the document "Strategy for the prevention and control of the tiger mosquito in Catalonia".