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"The most effective way to fight the Tiger mosquito is not leaving it to breed. Dipsalut, el Servei de Control de Mosquits de la Badia de Roses i el Baix Ter and the city councils of the province of Girona we conduct programs to avoid it, but you also need to participate.
You just have to avoid the mosquito's breed home"



Unlike other mosquitoes, the tiger does not require much water to breed. Their larvae grow perfectly within small reserves of stagnant water that could be within a flowerpot, a bucket or even in an ashtray.

How I can fight it?

Remove the objects that may accumulate water or emptying them weekly. Vases, ashtrays, drinkers. Put a lid or a mosquito net on water tanks to irrigate.
Put covered boats, carts or trailers, or well, put them upside down or cover with a tarp. Eliminate tires (leading to a collection center of waste).
Put red fish that eat mosquito larvae in the rafts and the garden fountains. Clean annually the pipes of the roofs and terraces.